10 Tips On How To Grow Bigger Breasts

grow bigger breastsA lot of women who have small breasts are dissatisfied with their figures and wish they could grow bigger breasts. We presume bigger breasts will attract attention from men (and women alike), help us look better in cloths, and give us more confidence. This is all true in most cases!

Now, in order to grow bigger breasts, we need to understand our breast’s composition better.

Women’s breasts are largely composed of fatty tissues. Thus, gaining weight is by far the best way to grow larger breasts, but this is not something we want. Women do not want to look overweight in front of men. That’s creating another issue.

The good news is, there are a lot of techniques to help make our breasts grow larger.

How To Grow Bigger Breasts

Here are my 10 tips.

    • Use of breast-enhancement supplements. These products are herbal caplets that are taken orally at least 1-3 times in a day. The active ingredients contained in these herbal supplements cause estrogen like effects on your body tissues, including breast growth stimulation.
    • Breast-enhancement exercises. Breast growth exercises are an inexpensive and safe way to allow you to grow bigger breasts. Through exercise, the pectoral muscles under your breasts become rigid and larger, resulting in the growth of the breasts. Doing regular exercise like arm circles and chest expanders can enable you develop and grow the pectoral muscle.
    • Breast augmentation surgery. Although it is the most expensive method to enlarge the breasts, it offers lasting and extreme results.
    • Eat foods that contain rich sources of estrogen and proteolysis. Try to drink milk and papaya juice blended mixtures. This drink stimulates breast enlargement if regularly taken. Additionally, you may take estrogen tablets in your early twenties or late teens to enable you to grow bigger breasts.
    • Organize your daily diet with meals that are rich in estrogen. Soy is the best example of a high estrogen food that will enable your breasts to grow larger. However, the combination of rice, soy, barley and dairy products – such as milk, cheese, and yogurt – are the best nutrient diets that can enable the growth of larger breasts.
    • Application of breast enhancement lotions and creams. You should consider applying organic natural ingredients with a mixture of perfect woman breast cream or natural day breast cream to stimulate the growth of breast fat cells and make your breasts grow firmer and bigger without surgery.
    • Breastfeed. This applies only if you just gave birth or are planning to have a baby. Breast feeding can help enlarge your breasts, and they will become larger afterwards.
    • Constantly wear a bra. Your breasts get more support when you wear a bra. As a result, they will grow outwards in the long term, and give you a firm look as opposed to looking saggy (which will happen if you do not ¬†regularly¬†provide bra support). In other words, breasts that grow when supported become larger than those without support. It is a nice idea if you expect to grow bigger breasts. Most importantly, you should purchase the right size of padded push-up bras that will push your breast together and lift them up, hence boosting the appearance of your breast.
    • Put on weight if you are too thin. Try gaining additional weight if you are too thin in order to make the breast large. As you gain a lot of weight, and then lose it, your breasts will remain big.
    • Stimulate blood flow and hormones. Rub your hands together for 10-20 minutes to gain kinetic heat, place them on your upper breasts and rub inward. Each circle you rub should take two seconds. Perform 250-300 circles three times a day. This will stimulate hormones and blood to flow to the breasts, enabling them to grow larger.

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