Breast Augmentation Surgery and Natural Alternatives

breast augmentation

Breast augmentation means improving the form, feel and appearance of female breasts. Although many women wish they could alter the form of their breasts, most do not. The chief reasons are the inherit dangers in breast augmentation surgery. During surgery for breast augmentation, doctors insert a silicon or saline-filled breast implant below the muscle of the breast, quite literally shoving it inside.

Once the surgery is complete, a woman will be bedridden for up to a week and cannot exert herself for six weeks, generally taking painkillers the entire time. Scars tend to fade over weeks but will remain wherever the incision from the breast surgery was made. Those are all the discomforts if the surgery goes well.

Breast Augmentation Complications

Many complications can arise from surgery, including reactions to medications and anesthesia. The implant can shift after surgery, altering the look. Pain following surgery can decrease slowly, preventing work. Sensation of the breast can change, leading to numbness, increased sensitivity and also prevent proper breast-feeding with children.

In addition, the implants themselves, because they must remain pliable, are not designed to last for a lifetime. The many recipients must have them altered or replaced after ten years. After twenty-five years, two-thirds of those with implants report either leaking or an outright rupture. These ruptures can be caused by damage during implantation, other breast augmentation surgical procedures, chemical degradation of the implant itself and trauma.

Natural Breast Enlargement As An Alternative for Breast Augmentation

For those who do not want to experience the torture of this procedure, there are natural breast augmentation methods that bypass the pain, cost and dangers of surgical methods. These all natural methods have no ill side effects on the body and can offer most women the look they desire.

For natural breast enlargement, breast enlargement pills are composed of all natural ingredients that work directly with the body’s pituitary gland. Using these natural hormone processes, these pills help the body stimulate the mammary glands and build healthy breast tissue. This natural method does not have the intrusive side effects of surgery. Also, these pills can offer other benefits outside of simple bust line improvement.

This stimulates the production of progesterone, a hormone that also increases the sex drive, decreases the amount of body hair, and lowers the risk of various types of cancers including breast cancer. Just those effects alone make it well worth the investment. Although effects are not as quick as the surgical methods, women should start seeing improvement within a month.

In addition to the pills, breast enlargement creams have the same organic benefit, although in a topical form. These creams are used to increase hormone production and blood flow to the breast, which not only helps build more breast tissue but also tightens the skin, which raises the breasts. Generally, results are seen within only a few weeks of steady use.

With all the natural methods available for improving the look and feel of breasts, women no longer have to subject themselves to the pain and cost of breast surgery.

Results can come naturally and easily instead of going through breast augmentation surgery.

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