Breast Cancer Awareness…Really?

Breast Cancer Awareness – Reaching to the Social Media

If you are on Facebook, you have undoubtedly seen one of your friends post a status update like this:

“I like it on the floor.”

“I like it on the kitchen counter.”

“I like it in the backseat of my car.”

Maybe you were confused by it, or maybe you knew what it meant. Although I’m sure we all connected these status updates with favorite places to have sex (or maybe that was just me?), they were, in fact, about where women like to keep their purses.

It is an internet meme that was created to increase breast cancer awareness. The idea was that women would post these mysterious status updates and encourage their friends to do the same while never revealing to any men what they meant.

I do not feel as if I am betraying any confidences here because I would be pretty surprised if any men were reading my blog!

You may also remember the bra based one from last year when thousands of women were posting colors as their status updates, leaving men confused as to why. In this case, women were encouraged to post the color of their bra.

When the first one started to happen, I did not think much about it at first. Then it went viral and I started to see it all day every day. It was not until then that it made me really start to think about it.

I have a friend with breast cancer. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy, and she had a double-mastectomy several months ago. She is strong, beautiful and positive. I doubt I could ever deal with breast cancer with the grace she has shown.

So I started to worry about how she would feel reading about the bra colors all of our friends were wearing. She does not have breasts, so she does not wear a bra. She probably did not need to hear about everyone else’s bras.

How was this campaign helping the women who have breast cancer? Was it actually painful for them?

I asked her, and it turns out she found it amusing. But I do still worry about the women who don’t quite have the sense of humor she does.

I also wonder what this is accomplishing for breast cancer patients. It has apparently not resulted in an increase in donations to the various charities that raise money for breast cancer research. Nor has it resulted in an increase in women getting mammograms.

It was apparently supposed to “raise awareness” of breast cancer. Really? How many of us didn’t already know about breast cancer? Ummm….none.

So although it’s a harmless and fun little game, I would challenge all of the women out there who played it (and those who did not) to do something truly meaningful to help fight breast cancer:

    • Donate.
    • Get a mammogram.
    • Hassle your mother/sister/best friend to get a mammogram.
    • Educate yourself about the risk factors and avoid the ones you can.

We all know it’s out there. Let’s do something to fight breast cancer.

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