Breast Enhancement To Maintain Your Youthful Bust Naturally…

Using A Combination Of Breast Enlargement Creams And Pills…

You will notice on my breast enhancement product reviews list that my top two products are both a combination of a breast enlargement cream and breast enhancement pill. My tests have shown that combining supplements with a topical breast enlargement cream is definitely going to get you the best results!

My favorite product is definitely Bust Fuel, but Breast Actives is a close runner up.

Breast Enhancement Chewing Gum… Really?

I was skeptical when I first saw it, but a brand of  chewing gum for increasing breast size called Zoft Gum has been shown to increase breast size over the long term. This should not be surprising because it contains the same P. Mirifica plant that is found in products like Triactol.

According to one study done in a university in Thailand, breast size could be increased by 80 percent by using a very similar gum. The plant also has a beneficial effect on skin and hair as well as reducing menopausal symptoms, heart disease and osteoporosis. But to be completely honest, I am skeptical. Zoft Gum does get results, but an 80 percent increase sounds a little inflated (no pun intended).

Mechanical Devices To Increase Breast Size?

There are a few mechanical devices on the market that claim to do a number of different things.

Push-up bras could be considered mechanical, and although not really a natural breast enhancement method, they are an aid to help you get the appearance you want when you are out and about on your daily routine.

While you are using natural breast pills or cream, which can take several months to achieve any results, you still want to have that great appearance. This is where push up bras come into the picture.

Suction systems are a mechanical device that makes it easier to exercise your breasts instead of doing the natural breast enlargement exercises manually. However, these can be expensive, and frankly, I think they are more of a gimmick than anything.

Weight Training

A highly effective way to increase the size of your breasts and your general health is to go to the gym and do weight training exercises. Not only will these improve your curves and your body strength, but they will also allow you to benefit from very natural breast enhancement that is a side effect of all of the above.


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