Breast Enhancement Surgery Information and Procedures

Breast Enhancement Surgery-The Procedure

A clear understanding of the stages of surgery keeps you well prepared for the surgery, as you know what to expect. Always make sure you have good communication with your surgeon. Be very open about your expectations from the surgery in terms of size, shape, overall look and texture.

Step I – Making an incision before the Breast Enhancement Surgery

The first step in breast enhancement surgery is making an incision. The incision can either be made below the breasts in the breast fold, on the border of the areola, or in a crease in the armpit. Determining the proper place for the incision is once again a decision based on your choice and your doctor’s recommendation.

Step II – Placing the implant during the Breast Enhancement Surgery

The next step is to create a pocket underneath your breast tissue and place the implant appropriately. The pocket can be created either just beneath the breast tissue above or below the pectoral muscle. You will have to decide where you wish to place the implant based on your preferences and your doctor’s recommendations.

Step III – Closing the incisions after the Breast Enhancement Surgery

The final step is to close the incisions using layered sutures in the muscle and the skin. Skin adhesives and surgical tape are used to close the openings in the skin. You will then be transferred to a recovery room and be allowed to go home after a few hours. The incision scars will fade with time, and the overall look will improve as post surgical swelling goes down.

Scars after the Breast Enhancement Surgery

Scars are a major concern for a lot of women undergoing breast enhancement surgery. Every surgery will leave behind a certain degree of scarring. The body produces collagen as a means of healing a wound. Overproduction of collagen leads to scarring.

In most women, scars heal pretty well, and if you have approached a skilled, experienced surgeon, you are very less likely to have a visible scar. To prevent scarring, it is important to follow all post-op instructions your surgeon gives you.

Leaving surgical tapes on the incisions for a few days and keeping them clean and dry keeps the skin healthy and makes it heal faster. Proper care and using products like scarguard, vitamin E or cortisone for a while after the surgery will diminish the visibility of the scar.

You don’t have to go under any breast enhancement surgery just to increase your breast size but can opt for natural breast enhancement products.

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