Breast Implant Cost

Breast implant costs vary depending on a number of factors. The clinic, the surgeon and the type of breast implant all impact the final cost. Surgeon’s fees vary depending on the reputation and experience of the doctor.

In general, breast implant cost ranges between 2000 and 6000 euros. Choosing silicone implants over saline implants adds about 1000 euros to the final cost. Whether the surgery is performed in a hospital or outpatient clinic, and whether an anesthetist or other professional is involved, also influence the final breast implant cost.

Breast Implant Procedure

breast implant costThe procedure for a breast implant may take one or two hours in its entirety. The technique of inserting and positioning the implant will depend on anatomy, the recommendations made by the surgeon and the incisions in which he specializes. The incision may be made in the breast crease, around the areola, in the armpit or through the navel (for more information about the different types of incision, please visit our section on scoring).

Your doctor will work through the incision to lift the skin and tissue of your breast to create pocket. This may be located below the muscle (partially or completely) or the tissue underneath. For more information about the positioning of implants, please read our section on the various positions. After the implant is placed inside the ‘pocket’ and the desired appearance of the breast is obtained, the incisions are sutured. In some cases, a  bandage is applied to help heal the skin.

There are many techniques with regards to the attachment of breasts implants, and just about all are performed below general anesthesia. Whatever method is actually chosen, the whole procedure requires about two hours. The range of techniques employed is determined by the expert preferences of the surgeon and based upon the patient’s physiology.

The breasts augmentation surgery is really a surgical procedure by which a breast implant (silicone or saline) is placed behind or beneath each breast. Choosing surgical breast augmentation is a personal and reputable choice. The breast implant surgery can be carried out under common anesthesia or even intravenous sedation.

The incisions are usually small as well as in areas in which the scars are not visible. Usually the actual incisions are created in three various ways: incision associated with infra-mammary collapse (crease between the breast and chest), trans-axillary incision (axillary) as well as peri-areolar incision (on the actual edge of the nipple).

It is important to note that two types of breasts implants are available, those filled with saline and those filled with silicone. Natural Belle doctors only make use of implants full of a silicon base being that they are safe, durable and supply the best within the breast enhancement procedures. These implants do not just feel and look natural, but will also fit very comfortably. Once the decision has been made, the surgeon places the breasts implants inside the pockets and the muscles hold them in place.

Breast Implant Cost

The breast implant cost ranging from 700 € to 2000 € depending on implant type and manufacturer. For round shapes, the price varies from 700 € to 1000 € and 1500 € – 2500 € for anatomical forms. Prices are independent of size. This is based on UK currency.

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