Determining The Best Stretch Mark Cream For Breasts

Stretch marks are a type of skin scarring that occurs when the dermis is torn through rapid growth and stretching. Stretch marks can be caused by weight gain, puberty, pregnancy, and even by body building. Stretch marks on the breasts can be unsightly, and many women look for ways to the remove them each day. Certain creams claim to remove stretch marks, and you can see a few of them to determine what is the best stretch mark cream for breasts.

MarksplexOut of the different advertised creams for stretch marks, Marksplex appears to be one of the bests. The cream is approved by clinics and independently, and will work on any skin tone or type. When tested on old and new stretch marks, the cream showed positive results, giving users better looking skin within 4 to 8 weeks of use.

The cream can be somewhat expensive, costing around $70 for one 5.07 ounce tube, and it can only be found at an online retailer, but for a good quality stretch mark treatment cream, it is certainly worth the price.


SkinceptionAnother popular cream for stretch marks is Skinception. The cream has been approved by clinics for stretch mark treatment, but the results for this cream varies by the user. It is possible that the Skinception cream may only prevent the formation of future stretch marks, and produce little results when it comes to getting rid of previously made stretch marks.

Users of the product stated that they only saw results when up to 90 days had already passed. The cream is rather expensive, costing $83 for one bottle, which is rather steep for a product with mixed results with older stretch marks.

TriLASTIN SRAnother candidate for the best stretch mark cream for breasts is TriLASTIN SR. TriLASTIN SR, much like other creams, is clinically approved and will work on every skin type and tone imaginable. Users claim that the cream gave them good results after only 3 to 6 weeks of usage. TriLASTIN SR is one of the more expensive stretch mark creams, with each bottle costing $95. Some of the ingredients of the cream are not listed online before purchase, meaning that any customers won’t know what’s in the product until they get the actual product, but this shouldn’t be a problem, given how well the product has been received.


Bella B Tummy Honey ButterBella B Tummy Honey Butter is a specially formulated cream for stretch marks. The cream provides the best results when used to prevent stretch marks from forming during pregnancy. For existing stretch marks, and stretch marks formed from other activities besides pregnancy, the cream may not be of much help. For those who are pregnant, the cream does a great job of keeping the skin elastic and prevent the skin from itching. The ingredients of the cream are all natural and the cream is affordable, only costing around $20 for a 4 ounce tube.


StriVectin-SDStriVectin-SD is popular for being a stretch mark cream, as well as an anti-wrinkle cream. While the cream works well on stretch marks, many people and even clinics feel that the anti-wrinkle aspects of the cream work better than the stretch mark treatment aspects. The ingredients of the cream are highly active, and some users have noted side effect, such as 2 hours of burning and redness. The cream is one of the most expensive creams on the market, costing $140 for a single tube.

Out of all the given creams, Marksplex appears to be the best stretch mark cream for breasts. The cream can be pricy, but offers a excellent results and can be used on a variety of skin types. Some of the less expensive creams will produce favorable results, but Marksplex is the best.

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