Natural Breast Enhancement History

The History of Natural Breast Enhancement

The history of Natural Breast Enhancement.Surgical breast enlargement is one of the most commonly elected surgeries in the world. The image of the well-endowed woman started in the 1950s and continues today. For a sizable investment, any woman was able to have breasts that made her appear more “attractive.”

However, this procedure is not only dangerous, but also expensive. Implant surgery costs a minimum of $5,000, and usually more. That cost is only for the procedure itself. It does not include the time off work or medications needed. Some people might even need someone to take care of them for the first few, painful days.

Although methods and techniques for breast enhancement have improved greatly in the last two decades, it still comes with significant risks. Even in the most perfect surgeries, the results are rarely permanent. Knowing the difficulties that come with artificial enlargement makes natural breast enhancement more attractive to most women.

Most implants are filled with saline solution today, and a break or leak causes no ill effects on the body since it absorbs them without difficulty. This can happen through a simple leak or even trauma. Simply falling on the implants can cause them to rupture. Older silicon versions pose more dangers, especially if the silicone gel seeps into scarred tissue. This can lead to severe problems, including connective tissues problems.

A recent study has shown that almost two-thirds of implants performed in the last twenty-five years have either ruptured or leaked. In addition, the sudden increase of volume beneath the skin causes stretch marks and discomfort for weeks. Many women consider it one of the most painful surgeries to suffer through.

Natural breast enlargement bypasses many of those worries. Natural breast enhancement cream costs far less than surgery and does not carry the same risks. Instead of the invasive procedures, patients apply an all-natural cream topically, which means a slower gain but better results without the pain of surgery.

These creams work with estrogen, the natural hormone for increasing breast size by actually adding breast tissue. These creams also aid in blood circulation, which brings tone, tightness and even lifts the breasts, giving them a supple, youthful appearance.

Another strategy is the use of natural breast enhancement pills which can be taken alone or in conjunction with creams. Like the creams, these pills provide an all-natural solution to breast enlargement. These can add inches to the bust line within a few weeks by interacting with the hormones of the body that control breast size.

This means results without going under the knife and without increased risk of cancer or infection. Years down the road, pills or creams will not rupture, while statistics say implants most likely will.

Despite all the advancements in medicine, the dangers and costs of breast augmentation surgery still make it the least attractive solution to increasing breast size. Choosing natural pills or natural breast enhancement cream products not only saves money, but also saves the worry and costs associated with having surgery.

Why suffer through the agony of a difficult procedure when a simpler, far less expensive solution is available?

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