How to Get Bigger Boobs Risk Free

get bigger boobsBreasts enhance a lady’s beauty. The question most women ask themselves is how to get bigger boobs so that they can look sexy and attractive. Due to this pressure, some make a grave mistake of going for cosmetic surgery. This is an instant solution, but it also comes with great risks. It is for this reason, I can not advise anyone to go that route.

The best way to get bigger boobs is the natural way. This will, however, require a great deal of patience since it is not an initiative with immediate results.

Tips On How To Get Bigger Boobs

Here are some tips on how you can make your boobs look bigger and encourage them to grow fuller.

The first way is by massaging the areas around your boobs each and every night before retiring to bed. You can choose to do this yourself, or you can let your boyfriend or husband do it for you. Massaging them will make them look full. This also helps in strengthening the tissues, hence making your breasts firm.

Another way of making your boobs bigger is by allowing circulation of hormones and blood in your breasts. This is achieved by reducing the time in which you wear tight bras. Alternatively, rub your hands together until they become warm. Then place them around the base of your boobs and start massaging them gently towards the nipples. Then rub around the nipples. Keep repeating this regularly.

After or before the massage, there is an exercise to do:

. Fold the fingers of both of your hands into fists.
. Straighten your hands in front of your breasts.
. Press your fists together lightly.
. Pull your arms back in such a way that both your elbows face backwards directly.
. Repeat 20-30 times.

If you do this repeatedly, you most certainly will start noticing your boobs are becoming bigger with time. The other way of making your boobs bigger is by using some herb ointments and creams. This is a concept that has been around for a long time.

These herbs work wonders. They have some organic components that increase estrogen, which is a hormone needed for the growth of breasts. Testimonies of women who have experienced this improvement are all over. Some even claim the herbs also reduce pain in their menstrual cycle.

Consistency and patience are the key on how to get bigger boobs. The results may take a few months. This should not discourage you. It should encourage you that you are making progress towards your goal. Continue applying the herbs consistently.

At some point you might have wondered why you do not have bigger boobs than your friend. The answer to that is that the size of boobs is determined by a person’s genes. Look at your closest women relatives in your family, and you will see that your boobs are either all small or big.

Getting bigger boobs does not mean you should spend a lot of money for some surgery that endangers your life. With the information above, how to get bigger boobs should no longer be a question.

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