How To Get Bigger Boobs Without Surgery

get bigger boobsLearning how to get bigger boobs without surgery requires only a little effort. The breasts grow naturally from puberty during adolescence when your growth hormones are most active. However, your genetic composition among other factors may hinder you from achieving the feminine physique you desire. This does not mean you will live with a smaller bust.

When you gain weight or get pregnant, your breasts grow. This is because your breasts are comprised mainly of adipose tissue, which can be enhanced to get a fuller bust. Mammary glands also become active during pregnancy and breast feeding, and this is evidence enough you can always enhance your breasts as long as you have not yet hit the menopause age.

The following are six tips on how to get bigger boobs without surgery.

1. Breast massage

Spare 10 minutes every day after shower to do the massage. You need no external help to complete this process; you can do it yourself. Your hands are capable of giving you that extra inch on your bust. This does not require any technical expertise, and the professional massage oil may not be required. In fact, this is the least expensive tip on how to get bigger boobs without surgery. The simple lotion you use on your body can help. Leaning forward, massage both breasts at the same time. This stimulates growth hormones and increases circulation around this region, thus leading to bigger breasts.

2. Nipple sucking

Nipple sucking helps you get bigger boobs. This is why breast feeding moms have breasts that bulge. However, you do not need to be a lactating mother in order to benefit from this method. Grown men enjoy breast sucking, so you can always get your daily dose from your husband or boyfriend. Sucking increases the size of mammary glands, and this may leave you with some bumps. However, the bumps will disappear with time and leave you with larger breasts.

If you do not have one, do not go looking for any man to suck your breasts. You can do it yourself, with your palms. All you need to do is use them to mimic a suckling baby. Rub them together to generate some heat, and then place them on your breasts. Place them in such a way so the nipples remain between your fingers, and start rubbing inwards. You can take as long as you want, but strive to achieve at least 200 circles a day. You can do 100 circles in the morning, and another hundred in the evening. This may leave your nipples sore, but it is among the top natural tips on how to get bigger breasts without surgery.

3. Exercise

Arm circulation and chest expanders help build the pectoralis muscle under your breasts, thus giving you a larger bust. Swimming also enhances your bust since it exercises your entire body, including the breast area. While doing the exercise, it is advisable to wear a good sports bra to in order to minimize breast movement and prevent the development of breast fibroids.

4. Breast enhancement creams

Creams are absorbed directly on your tissues, thus leading to faster growth. Go for creams that contain organic ingredients. These are highly recommended compared to those that are manufactured from chemicals. There are many breast firming creams in the market, and it is advisable for you to select the ones with ingredients such as aloe. Aloe not only helps with breast firming but also soothes the skin. It also prevents your breasts from aging, a condition attributed to sagging breasts.

5. Diet

Take foods that enhance the synthesis of estrogen, such as soy, in order to get larger boobs. Foods rich in proteolysis are a good start. A special blend of milk and papaya juice is always recommended for people who are searching for tips on how to get bigger boobs without surgery. You can work towards getting a serving of rice, fish, barley, yogurt and cheese in order to get bigger breasts.

6. Choose your bra carefully

Learn how to get bigger boobs without surgery by learning how to shop for the right bra. Oversize bras make your breasts sag and may even lead to the development of certain medical complications. Too tight bras are also a no-no. If you are not sure about your bra size; do not be afraid to try it out while buying. Women who have smaller breasts are advised to go for push-up bras in order to get a more feminine appearance.

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