How to Get Bigger Breasts by Massaging

get bigger breastsMany women are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts. Some are troubled by too large breasts while some would prefer to get bigger breasts.

We are living in modern times where women are very particular about their appearance and body image. They would like to keep themselves always fit and appealing.

A well-maintained figure makes the lady the center of attraction among many. There are some ways by which you can make yourself fit and fine, like Gym, Exercising, Yoga and Meditation.

All are good at some ways, but help to tone up your body in general only. If you are looking to improve the size of your breasts, then these will not show specific results.

This is the main reason for the popularity of cosmetic surgery. But breast enhancement surgery is not absolutely safe and has many drawbacks. It can lead to scarring, disproportionate size, and so on. Most women are aware of these possibilities and therefore look for natural means.

There is an array of natural and safer methods to get bigger breasts without opting for surgery. A woman’s beauty lies in the shape of her body and with her firmed breast, it actually enhances her beauty.

If any woman has a standard proportionate breast then you can be sure that she will look very attractive and gorgeous. Improper sized breasts always disrupt her beauty and personality.

Enhance Your Breasts Through Massaging:

    • Massaging is a safe and natural way to make them larger than before; the only matter of concern is that you should be aware of the correct procedure of doing it. Proper massaging in the upward direction will show you good results in a reasonable span of time and you will get bigger breasts very soon.
    • The massaging procedure starts with the motion of rubbing your hands together vigorously; it will generate some heat and warm your hands.
    • Now, place each of your hands on the outer part of each breast.
    • In the third step start moving your hands mainly in a circular motion. This process should be done with both the breasts simultaneously.
    • Remember the rubbing process should always be done in a circular motion and it should move towards your nipples. Followed by this, it should be done in the reverse direction in the same way, which means you should start from the nipples and go till its root. With this process you will certainly get bigger breasts.
    • The entire process should be done for 10 to 15 minutes daily. Regular massaging increases blood circulation and help all nutrients to reach the breasts. In addition to this, it also increases the blood flow and makes them appear fuller.
    • If you massage your breast two times in a day that will increase the level of prolactin, which is actually responsible for breast enhancement. This stimulates growth and helps to get bigger breasts.
    • There are several massage creams that are specifically made for breasts. These contain natural products that have been used for centuries by women to enhance breast size. Massaging with them helps the herbs to be absorbed by the skin.

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