How to Get Bigger Breasts by Massaging

Useful Exercises:

Along with massaging you can also introduce some exercises that strengthen the pectoral muscles beneath breast tissue. Watch the video below to learn how:

And besides the exercise tips in the video, here’s some other exercises that would help too!

    • In the first exercise, firmly press your palms just in front of your chest and then release it after some time. This process should be done many times in a day.
    • In the second exercise, hold one hand with the other and pull it in the opposite direction. Next, hold it for 10 seconds; this will put some stress on that particular portion. This exercise should be done 10 times. Now, grab your arm with the opposite hand and stay in that position for maximum 10 seconds and repeat the same for 10 times. Thus you will easily get bigger breasts.

Some Simple Remedies to Get Bigger Breasts:

    • The simplest and quickest way to make them look bigger is that you should start wearing padded bras that are easily available in the market. This requires the least effort on your part and appropriate for social occasions.
    • While dressing up always remember to wear appropriate clothing so your breast will look bigger. Tight fitting dresses that draw attention to your breasts are better avoided. It is better to wear loose tops.
    • To get bigger breasts, you should exercise daily with more emphasis on swinging arms. Eight times clock-wise and anti-clock wise arms swinging can strengthen your arms and can make your breast firm.
    • Consumption of herbal supplements like fenugreek and wild yam can help you to get bigger breasts.
    • There are several breast enhancement products that you can go with like pills; they are effective, but time-consuming. However, different people react differently to the same product and it may or may not work for you.

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