How To Get Bigger Breasts

Get Bigger BreastsNot all women are lucky enough to have a nice set of large breasts. This is normally due to genetic variation.

Some inherit big breasts from their parents, while others have to look for methods to get bigger breasts.

There are many ways through which you can get bigger breasts.

Some of them are discussed here.

Tips on how to get bigger breasts

You can start by gaining weight. Women do not like being told they are fat. That is why many of them struggle to lose weight. However, being too skinny can lead to having flat or small boobs. This is because they are mainly made up of fat. So the more weight you gain, the bigger they become.

Performing certain exercises also works. Bench presses are the best workout for building the chest muscles (pectoral muscles). Though the breasts are mainly comprised of fat, working on the muscle that lies beneath them can have a positive effect on their size. When pectoral muscles are bigger, the boobs tend to stick farther out, hence making them look like you have bigger breasts.

Another exercise that might come in handy is the incline bench press to get bigger breasts. It works on the upper chest muscles, making them larger. This helps add some cleavage to your chest.

Wall push-ups are also effective. To do them, you need to stand upright while facing a wall. Stretch both arms and place your palms on the wall. Ensure that your arms are one or two inches wider than the width of your shoulders. As you inhale, lean your body forward  until your face almost touches the wall. Then exhale as you gradually push your body back to its initial position.

Use of cosmetic accessories is another way of going about it. Though they do not actually help you get bigger breasts, they do make them appear bigger. Push-up bras are a good example. They normally make the breasts appear larger by simply squeezing and lifting them up to make more cleavage.

Bra inserts can also be used to the same effect. They are silicone cups that you slip under your breast when you have a bra on. They help give your boobs a fuller appearance. Though they are similar to stuffing your bra, they improve on the shape and add a lift.

Water bras are another alternative. They are more like the combination of the two cosmetic accessories explained above. Simply put, they are a bra that is padded with water so as to make your boobs appear bigger.

Another radical way of achieving breast enlargement is getting pregnant. Though it might seem absurd, pregnancy actually causes the production of certain hormones in the body that lead to breast enlargement. This continues even after childbirth. However, as soon as you stop breastfeeding, the boobs slowly return to their original size.

There are also other methods that involve surgery and medication. These are considered to be extreme but enable you to get big breasts faster. However, they do come with some side effects. So, it is important for you to talk to a doctor before undertaking the procedure.

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