How to Have Bigger Breasts

how to have bigger breasts | breast activesMany women today have problems with the way their breasts appear. Their poor appearance makes women lose their self esteem as they are thought to be unattractive to men.

Breasts are important body organs that need to be taken care of. In addition, looking attractive contributes to the overall beauty of a woman. Breasts, like clothes, depend on one’s taste preferences, though at times they are affected by trends in fashion.

Most women will desire to have bigger breasts, but the question in most of their minds is how to go about it. Here are some important tips that will help you on how to have bigger breasts.

Here’s some tips on how to have bigger breasts:

Muscle building

The breast is made up of muscles and tissues. Among the muscles that make up the breast is the pectoralis. This muscle is thick and positioned at the lower part of the breasts. These muscles require some attention as they are important in breast development. Building this muscle can be achieved through regular exercises that will help expand your chest cavity. The exercises enhance muscle growth, thus increasing the size of the breasts. These exercises are easy and can be done in the comfort of your home.

The first exercise is rubbing the hands for at least 20 seconds so as to create some kind of kinetic energy. Next, try placing your two hands on the upper side of the breasts between the nipples. Rub the hand in circles smoothly around the nipples. Ensure the hands are moving upwards and they are on the outside region of the nipple. Make this a regular routine at least two or three times in a day.

Increase estrogen and proteolysis intake

Estrogen is the hormone that is responsible for breast growth in women, thus an important element in breast development. Proteolysis is an enzyme that aids in protein digestion, an important component that also helps in breast growth. One should increase the intake food rich in estrogen and proteolysis to encourage the body to have bigger breasts. These foods include cheese, milk and yogurt, among others.

Apply lotions and creams

Another important tip is the application of creams and lotions. Certain creams and lotions stimulate growth when applied to the breasts. Examples of this creams and lotion include Natural Day breast cream and Perfect Woman. These creams contain natural substances that enhance the growth of bigger breasts.

Wear fitting bras

Wearing fitting bras is also a tip of how to have bigger breasts. Bras that fit prevent the sagging of the breast by keeping the breast in the right position. Wearing the right size of bra that keeps breast in the correct position will help breasts grow larger.


After embarking on the journey of having bigger breasts, it is evident the results will not be achieved overnight. Thus, you need to be patient and not lose hope. One should not be discouraged and should keep on being consistent in doing activities that will steer the process of breast growth.

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