Increase Breast Size The Natural And Safer Way

Increase Breast SizeThe desire to increase breast size is a common and natural goal among many women today. Both young ones and the once young desire plumper, firmer, and more supple breasts to enhance their curves, or perhaps just to hold back the signs of aging.

Beauty Enhancement

Though it seems that those wishing for a bustier figure are only bowing to social fads, this is not always the case. In all of history, men and women were always finding ways to look good beyond what they were born with.

Wanting to increase breast size is just an issue of women regaining control over their bodies. It is the enhancement or improvement of what has been naturally endowed; the normal desire to look more attractive and be more self-confident.

Fast-and-Furious vs. Slowly-But-Surely

There are two main pathways in getting bigger boobs – one way is fast and furious, and the other goes slowly but more safely.

The fast and furious way of course refers to breast augmentation surgery. This method is the most radical way to alter the body’s natural shape. Needless to say, this involves both a lot of cash and a lot of pain.

In this method, breast size enhancement is done through implants, either by using silicone or saline-filled bags, or by injecting body fats on the breast. Going under the knife is both an invasive and costly procedure that entails grave risks after operation.

Fortunately, there is an alternative method. Although this way is slower, it involves zero pain and no huge expenses. More importantly, it only uses methods that follow the body’s normal reactions to physical and hormonal stimuli.

Increase Breast Size Without Surgery

There are several proven ways to get bigger boobs without going under the knife. These methods are based on the fact that the growth of mammary tissues (the cells that make up the breast) is influenced by exercise and hormone regulation.

But before discussing further the latest advances in boob-tech, creams, massaging techniques, wonder bras and what have you, this one simple fact cannot be glossed over – that looking bustier does not always mean to increase breast size.

Sometimes, it is only a matter of appearances. It means looking bigger without actually adding inches, just enhancing natural curves here and there. As they say, appearances can be deceiving.

Tried and True Tricks and Tips


Targeting specific muscles during exercise can alter its shape or enhance its tone. It follows that what works for biceps must also work to increase breast size.

The goal of breast exercise here is to work the upper pectoral muscles (the muscles which lift the breasts), target the inner chest to enhance cleavage, and improve overall muscle tone in the chest area.

  • Exercise 1: Pushups. Is there any wonder about Demi Moore’s busty and toned figure in G.I. Jane? Pushups do strengthen the muscles that hold up the breasts. (Toughing it out with testosterone-crazed male Marines is not recommended though.)
  • Exercise 2: Dumbbell Chest Press. Lying flat on an incline bench, hold the weights at shoulder level, with the arms at a 90-degree horizontal angle to the body. Then press the weights over the head, until their sides touch. Slightly stretch the chest and shoulders by lowering to initial position.
  • Exercise 3: Dumbbell Fly. Lying in a flat bench, hold the dumbbells towards the ceiling. Then lower the arms to each side, opening the elbows slightly while doing so, until the elbows are just lower than the back. Bring the arms back together, and repeat.

Dumbbell Chest Press

Dumbbell Fly

Clever cleavage

cleavageThis is a rather underhanded way of handling things, but anything without pain, right? To increase breast size, add more depth to the cleavage cosmetically, so that shapes appear bigger.

    • Brush some bronzer with shimmer along the V-shape,with the darkest spotatthepoint of the V.The shimmer reflects light, creating the illusion that the shape is bigger.
    • Next, use a matte powder that is a shade darker than the skin – this will simulate depth. Then apply at the outer curve of the breast, adding depth to the cleavage. Now look amazed at the result of brushed-on boobs!

A Different Kind of Pushup

Upsizing the illusion of boobage are the various kinds of bras designed to lift, squeeze, and pump up a lady’s frontal assets. These contraptions make use of high tech pads (think memory foam and space-age materials) and frames that can increase breast size up to double.

Though a vast improvement from the corsets of old, pushup bras still basically work on the same principle – to squeeze. So beware of tight contraptions that can cause congestion, backaches, and health problems.

Creams and Supplements

Beauty was never only skin-deep – it is exuded from within by the proper balance of nutrients and biochemistry in a woman’s body. Supporting this is an increasing number of scientific studies showing that natural supplements and creams can increase breast size.

Generally, breast enhancement creams work by stimulating the growth of the adipose tissues of the breasts, which give its volume. These creams also work with the natural production of estrogen in the body, a hormone that triggers breast growth.

As the results of this natural method become clinically validated fact, there has been a proliferation of creams and supplements on the Internet all claiming to increase breast size.

To stay away from the bad apple, be sure to:

    • Get creams that contain scientifically proven ingredients, such as Volufiline and Puerania mirifica.
    • Use the cream only as recommended by the manufacturer.
    • For additional protection against scams, only buy products which have money-back guarantees.

Breast Massage

Massaging is a very effective way of increasing blood circulation in the breast area. Used with creams, massages result in an ample blood supply, making sure that much-needed nutrients are available for enhancing breast growth.


There are two main methods to increase breast size – the expensive and risky way, or the cheaper, painless, and safer alternative.

With scientific research backing its claims, natural breast enhancement methods are a surer, albeit slower path to being more attractive and achieving greater self-confidence.

Photo Credit: Cleavage by Ian Muttoo (on Flickr), used under Creative Commons 2.0

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