Looking For A Good Scar Treatment For Breast Augmentation

A few years ago I decided to get a breast augmentation. No shame. I just wanted bigger breasts. What I didn’t know would happen is that I would get these horrible, big, nasty scars are all over my chest from the procedure! I asked the doctors when they would go away, and they said they might never would! “Well, you got the breasts you wanted, didn’t you?” was what they asked me. Excuse me? Just because they look fabulous in my clothes now doesn’t mean I want them to look like crud when I take the clothes off!

best scar treatment for breast augmentationsSince then I have been trying to find the best scar treatment for breast augmentations. There are many scar treatments out there, but very few of them actually take care of the scars that come from breast augmentations. Why this is, I have no idea. It makes very little sense to me. In a perfect world there would be one scar treatment to rule them all, but we’re not getting one any time soon. Until then, we women are stuck with looking for the best we can find otherwise. Let me tell you, I have dealt with some doozies. I have gone through tubes of cream, and even reconsidered more surgery to get my breasts taken care of. No, not like that. To fix the scars!

Otherwise, I have no idea what to do. Is there scar treatment for breast augmentations? I have yet to find it if it does exist. Otherwise I’m just sitting here worried about taking my top off for anyone else to see. I get many nice compliments about my new assets when I’m out and about, and I do eat them up, but how can they help me when I actually need to show them off? They can’t! If I take off my top, suddenly everyone will be able to see my nasty scars. The mere thought absolutely mortifies me.

My cousin, who tries on clothes with me in department stores, has seen the damage and says it’s no big deal. That people will be too distracted by the real things to give a dang at all. That’s nice of her to say, but I know it’s hardly practical. People always have opinions about a woman’s body. That’s one of the first things we learn growing up. And if they don’t share that opinion with us, they’re sharing them with everyone else. It’s just one of those horrible realities that we have to deal with. So when dealing with these terrible attitudes, I have decided I can’t hack them at all. I need these scars to totally go away.

Doctor of MedicineI am going to go knock down my doctor’s door again next week. I am going to knock it in and demand that he tell me what the best scar treatment for breast augmentation is. If anyone out there would know that answer, it’s a doctor! They’re paid to know these things! It’s what they went to school for! Oh, I have tried asking people on the internet, but the internet here is useless. I doubt any of you have the answer either. Until then I will continue on my quest to find the perfect treatment and try to get my body back in tip top shape.

When I got my breast augmentation, I thought the biggest sacrifices I would be making was money and a little time it took to do it and heal. I never thought I’d be going through this mortification either. It almost makes me regret the whole thing.


Guest Post written by Angel C., Colorado.

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