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Women desiring to improve the volume, shape and size of their breasts can undergo breast enhancement. Women undergo this procedure if they feel they have little breasts, breasts that are unequal, breasts that have lost volume or breasts that have reduced in size after losing some weight. It is also done by women who have survived cancer and have had part of their breasts removed or have one breast. Women who have been burnt on their breasts can undergo this procedure to get their breasts reconstructed.

Getting larger breasts not only increases self esteem but also rectifies mother nature’s errors. This can be done both surgically and non-surgically. The person undergoing the breast enhancement selects the method they will be comfortable with. Results of both non-surgical and surgical methods of breast enlargement are instantaneous.

Surgical Breast Enhancement

Breast enhancementWhen surgery is employed it is referred to as breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty. Silicone gel or saline implants are placed inside a woman’s breasts, and they are used for augmenting their size. These implants are placed below the chest muscle or behind the breast tissue. They make the breasts look shapelier and fuller.

An incision has to be made by a surgeon so these implants can be placed. The incision has to be as small as the implant is inserted when it is empty and then it is filled. These incisions are placed under the arm, inside the breast fold or around the nipple. There are many types of incisions, and a patient is required to select the type of incision they are comfortable with.

The infra-mammary fold incision is very common. Here, the implant is placed inside the breast fold. The scar is hidden because of the anatomy of the breast. If the patient is also having mastoplexy, the fold will be lifted and will therefore be exposed.

The periareolar incision is also known as nipple incision. This type of incision is recommended for patients undergoing an implant surgery followed by a breast lift. The incision is made around the nipple so that the implant can be placed. This method is advantageous because the skin of the areola, which is darkened, assists in concealing scars.

There is also the auxiliary incision. Here the implant is inserted under the armpit. This procedure makes placing implants hard and is not liked by both cosmetic surgeons or and patients. This method is very safe though.

Lastly,there is the trans umbilical surgery incision, which is not very common. It is done by patients who choose saline filler. When this breast enhancement procedure is employed, scars occur in the tummy where perhaps stretch marks already occur.

Breast enhancement surgery is done only by experienced and qualified surgeons. These implants help in boosting patient’s confidence.

Non-surgical Breast Enhancement

In the non-surgical breast enhancement method, devices, gels and creams are used to assist in improving the size of the breast. There are several devices that are used for breast enhancement by stimulating their cells and improving their blood circulation. Low frequency vibrations are emitted by these devices to help stimulate and regenerate breast cells to increase  size gradually.

Massaging breasts with creams used for breast enhancement, which encourages the flow of blood in the breast tissue, gives them an increase in size and a feeling of fullness. These creams also moisturize the breasts, making them look youthful. They are made usually from the feminine hormones progesterone or estrogen in combination with herbs having effects of breast enhancement. Gels stimulate the growth of cells in the mammary glands in a similar way during puberty and pregnancy.

This type of breast enhancement is safer since you are not exposed to the irreversible effects of surgery. These methods are also cheaper when compared to the surgical method. This method is not permanent, but is also does not have the many complications related to breast surgery such as chronic pain, scarring and misshapen implants.

Whether undergoing non-surgical or surgical methods of enhancing breasts, it is completely the decision of the patient. An informed decision is better while patients are making choices involving the enhancement of breasts.

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