Natural Breast Augmentation, A Safer Alternative

natural breast augmentationNatural breast augmentation, also called mammaplasty, is usually a surgical operation for increasing the size of one’s breasts. A person may opt to undergo this kind of surgery in order to increase bust size. However, there are a number of things one must consider prior to undergoing any type of surgery since a number of risks are usually associated with operations. For instance, scarring, infection, rejection and even death can occur.

However, there are less invasive alternatives, or what we call natural breast augmentation, that can assist one to improve the size, shape and tone of the breasts. It therefore provides to many people an alternative to increase the size and shape of their breasts as compared to conventional breast implants. The two main procedures currently available include fat transfer and stem cell procedures.

Fat transfer involves the removal of fat cells from other parts of the body, such as the buttocks and thighs, and then injecting in the breasts. Stem cells on the other hand involve harvesting mature stem cells from the fatty tissue of the patient’s body and then injecting them into the breasts. Once there they are able to produce other fatty tissues that will help with natural breast augmentation.

Natural breast augmentation methods usually have several advantages over traditional ones including shorter recovery period and fewer risks.

Traditional breast implants have been done for many years, and although they are considered to be safe, they do have several drawbacks. Often, traditional implants do not offer the natural feel and look that is desired by many people. The rejection rate is usually high, and this can lead to delayed healing, and at times, disfigurement. At other times, traditional implants may slip out of position and detract from the breast appearance. Most people who have undergone traditional breast augmentation take a minimum of two weeks to fully recover, although the recovery period may extend up to eight weeks as per the reaction of the body to the implants.

However, the natural augmentation procedure normally has a recovery period of two days. This is because no implants are involved in the process, and the stem cells or fat cells usually comes from one’s own body, making the risk of rejection almost nonexistent. Transferred stem cells or fat usually remains in the area of the breast where they were injected even when one loses weight.

However, breast augmentation has one main disadvantage in that the procedure provides a very limited breast size increase. Most people who undergo this type of procedure usually experience an addition of one cup size only, although it is possible for one to realize an addition of two cup sizes.

The use of stem cells and fat is able to make one’s breasts much rounder and firmer even though the process does not have a drastic effect on the size of the breasts. Those people who would like to increase their breast size significantly can consider using traditional breast augmentation methods as this will give them far more dramatic increases in breast size.

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