Natural Breast Augmentation Tips

natural breast augmentationBreast enhancement in the modern world is as huge a concern for men as it is for women. Today more than ever, men desire to enhance their breasts.  This can be due to transgender reasons or a simple fetish for breasts.

Regardless of the reason, natural breast augmentation methods are more beneficial than artificial methods. This is because they produce a more natural look and eliminate the risks and side effects associated with artificial methods.

What is more, men are more likely to benefit from natural breast augmentation methods, as they do not have much tissue around the breast area to support implants. The natural methods used to enhance breasts do not differ much across both genders.

If you desire to increase your boobs naturally, here are some tips you can use.

Use natural herbs and supplements. Naturally, women grow bigger breasts than men due to hormonal factors.

The hormone responsible for breast growth in women, and that lacks or is in minimal quantities in men, is estrogen. Herbs and supplements for breast enlargement usually contain phytoestrogen. This is a plant hormone similar in structure to the female estrogen hormone.

The hormone produces a breast enhancement effect similar to taking regulated artificial hormones. In addition, it is natural, and as such, less likely to cause side effects. Some of the natural herbs and supplements used in natural breast enlargement products include:

    • Pueraria
    • Mirifica
    • Saw palmetto
    • Wild yam
    • Fenugreek
    • Red raspberry

Most of these breast enhancement herbs and supplements are available in the form of pills for convenience.

Breast massage: Breast massage is one of the most popular natural breast augmentation methods. Women desiring to create a fuller bust use this method, and it works as well for men. Breast massage stimulates breast tissue and promotes blood circulation around the breast area. This induces healthy growth of breast tissue. It also shapes and tones the tissue around the breast, giving a firmer and fuller look. For better results, breast massage can be done using products with ingredients such as phytoestrogens.

Exercise: Exercise is another very popular method to make your boobs bigger. There are specific chest exercises that stimulate breast growth. These include breast enhancing and pectoral pushups, breast presses and palm presses. These exercises lift the pectoral muscles, making the breasts appear larger, and stimulate the tissue around the breast, therefore enhancing or promoting natural breast augmentation.

Diet: When it comes to getting bigger breasts, the diet plays a crucial role. Naturally, female bodies produce more fat than male bodies, and breast tissue is made up of fat. A male seeking natural breast augmentation will thus have to increase calorie intake in order to increase both body and breast mass. Increasing caloric intake provides a more natural look to the breasts. Proper hydration and taking foods rich in vitamins A, C and E go a long way in promoting a healthy skin and giving the breasts a firm and appealing look. Adding foods rich in phytoestrogens, such as soy and fennel seeds, will also promote natural breast augmentation.

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