Natural Breast Enhancement Gum

Natural Breast Enhancement GumWhen I started doing research on natural breast enhancement products, I came across Zoft Breast Gum. My first reaction was (of course) a healthy dose of skepticism. I mean…gum that makes your boobs bigger? <Insert eyeroll here> 🙂

But I have to admit, a little bit of research yielded some surprising facts.

Natural Breast Enhancement Gum Allows Better Absorption

Natural breast enhancement gum is a great way to deliver active ingredients to your system. Studies have shown that when you swallow a pill and it goes into your digestive system, it can pass through you without much of it absorbing into your bloodstream.

The ingredients in Zoft Breast Gum, on the other hand, are absorbed through your salivary glands. The gum has micro-sized beads that are released by chewing and are almost immediately absorbed by the capillaries that are very close to the surface of the skin under your tongue. Studies have shown that up to 90 percent absorption of the active ingredients can be achieved this way.

Natural Breast Enhancement Gum Enters Your Bloodstream Throughout the Day

When you use creams or pills, you generally will take two doses per day, one 1n the morning and one in the evening.

When you use Zoft Breast Gum, on the other hand, you chew several pieces a day. This allows the active ingredients to enter your bloodstream regularly throughout the day instead of all at once twice a day.

This can make it easier for your body to absorb and use the ingredients in Zoft Breast Gum.

Zoft Breast Gum is Easier to Remember to Take

I don’t know about you, but I’m not great with remembering to take my vitamins every day. I have a busy life, and it’s just easy to forget. When I was taking natural breast enhancement supplements, there were days I would forget to take my pill. I still achieved great results, but I suspect it would have happened faster had I remembered to take them every day.

With Zoft Breast Gum, you can carry it in your purse so you have it with you all day. Most people don’t need to be reminded to chew gum!

The only warning I would throw in here is that you need to make sure your kids don’t have access to your purse – you don’t want them finding and eating it!

So if you’re interested in natural breast enhancement, should you use Zoft Breast Gum instead of pills or cream?

The simple answer to this question is “no”. I wouldn’t recommend that you use Zoft Breast Gum instead of a natural breast enhancement pill/cream combo such as Breast Actives. What I would recommend is that you get a supply of Zoft Breast Gum and use it to supplement your breast enhancement regimen.

Carry it in your purse and chew a few pieces a day to give a midday kick to your natural breast enhancement program.

It tastes great, it’s convenient, and who wouldn’t want gum that gives you bigger boobs? 🙂

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