A Few Well-Known Natural Breast Enhancement Herbs

Natural breast enhancementFor centuries, women have sought to enhance their breasts to add to their beauty and boost their confidence.

In fact, many women go to the extent of undergoing breast augmentation surgery, which is not without risk. But nature holds many secrets, and one of them is natural breast enhancement herbs that help to enlarge breasts naturally without any painful surgery.

Among the several options suggested, the most common are fenugreek, wild yam, saw palmetto, fennel, black cohosh and blessed thistle, to name just a few. These plants and herbs can help augment breast size without any side effects or discomfort. Moreover, they are affordable and easy to use.


This is considered the most effective of all natural breast enhancement remedies. Moreover, it is said to have several other health benefits. Some of these include better diabetes control, lower cholesterol and improved digestion. Fenugreek has additional relevance for women as it aids in reducing the symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome and increases milk production in nursing mothers. There is evidence it also helps in breast enhancement as it is full of plant compounds that contribute to fuller breasts.

Wild Yam

Another natural element that is considered to be a good natural breast enhancement option is wild yam. Like Fenugreek, wild yam is a good source of diosgenin (a pre-cursor to steroids) and is therefore said to promote enlargement. Containing phytoestrogens, it encourages the growth of breast tissue and causes fluid retention, which leads to fuller breasts. Wild yam is considered especially useful for women as it plays a positive role in PMS, menopausal troubles and breast enhancement, as well as acting as a sexual tonic. It is even used as an ingredient in lotions for breast massage.


Fennel has many health benefits along with being good for natural breast enhancement. Known to be advantageous for general health, it is thought to be a great choice for enhancing cup size as well as milk production. It is also useful in improving digestion, relieving heartburn and gas and reducing the symptoms of asthma as well as menstrual problems and libido in women. It is also helpful in reducing high blood pressure and angina.

Saw Palmetto

Known to Native Americans since ancient times, it is nowadays more recognized for its impact on men’s prostate problems. However, it does have uses for promoting breast size, sexual desire in both the sexes and proper functioning of  the urinary system and the thyroid gland. In addition, it is a general tonic that enhances digestion.

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