A Few Well-Known Natural Breast Enhancement Herbs

Black Cohosh

This herb is said to promote natural breast enhancement due to its estrogenic qualities that play a role in the development of breast tissue. Scientific studies have also established its efficacy in menstrual disorders and PMS as well as in relieving menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes. However, this herb should never be taken during pregnancy.

Blessed Thistle

Apart from its natural breast enhancement capacities, it is also said to improve milk production in nursing mothers and greatly improves PMS cramps and discomfort. Rich in several minerals and vitamins, it is also a natural tonic and enhances digestion.

Dong Quai Root

This Chinese herb is said to help the body utilize natural hormones and has long been used for its natural breast enhancement properties. It is also effective as a powerful herb for treating PMS and other menstrual disorders along with the problems associated with menopause.

Women who are pregnant or nursing should avoid taking natural breast enhancement herbs without consulting their doctor. As these herbs are all natural products, there is no possibility they contain harsh chemicals or synthetic compounds of any kind. However, they do have a powerful impact on the body.

Used since ancient times, the efficacy of herbs has been established by years of use among women all over the world. Along with breast enhancement properties, all of these herbs have some other qualities that boost general health.

It is always advisable to purchase natural breast enhancement herbs from reputable sources as unscrupulous dealers may not offer pure products. Imitation products may contain fillers or extra chemicals that may be harmful. The most important thing is to regularly consume these herbs for at least three months.

These are natural products and will not produce dramatic effects within a few days. Nevertheless, you should be able to notice some fullness within two weeks. For optimal results, they should be consumed from six to nine months.

A combination of consuming these herbs, breast enhancement cream and breast massage may bring quicker results too.

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