Natural Breast Enhancement and Other Herbal Supplements

Natural Breast Enhancement MethodsIf you are looking for ways to increase the size of your breasts naturally, then you should look no further than the various breast actives and other natural breast enhancement supplements available on the market.

It is true that using these products requires a combination of other methods such as breast exercises, working out, getting into better shape and fixing your overall health. It is also true the best natural breast enhancement takes a long time, sometimes months or even a year or two to materialize.

However, you will notice a change after just a few months if you keep it up, and in the end, the result will be more rewarding for a number of reasons.

For instance, many women take the “easy way out” and go for plastic surgery to have a natural breast enhancement look. The problem with this is although it is touted as the “safest” method and is the only one supported and approved by the FDA (ironic isn’t it?), it is also the only method in which the risks, although very unlikely, can be disastrous or even fatal.

Breast implants need to be maintained and regularly checked up on. Their insertion involves very invasive surgery that can leave scars underneath your breasts. The implants themselves can actually burst, and if this happens, you need immediate medical attention. There is a chance you can die from toxic shock if you do not receive attention soon after this occurs.

On top of all this, the surgery is very expensive and not covered by health insurance.

Why take all these risks?

Because it will get you the results you want in a few hours of surgery and a few weeks of recovery? Remember, these are not real results — they are cosmetic by nature. Also, if you choose to take this path, then some of your other options may be permanently off limits, such as weight lifting or breast exercises. This is because it is not advisable to exert too much pressure in the area where the breast implants were put in.

Method #1: The Best Natural Breast Enhancement Cream

There are many breast cream brands on the market, but the best ones are those that use naturally occurring phytoestrogens, which is basically plant estrogen.

This is found in small quantities in plants such as soy, lentil and oats and also in some healthy fats such as nuts, seeds and olive oil. Of course, these will not work overnight. However, supplementing your diet with these products or using a topical cream over a period of a few months will begin to have some of the effects you desire, especially if you combine it with some sort of exercise for your breasts.

Triactol is one of the best natural breast enlargement cream brands on the market. It is made from the plant P. miriforma, which has a compound that can strengthen the muscles around your breasts when used daily.

Additionally, if you compare the cost of the long term use of these natural breast enhancement supplements and creams to the one time cost of plastic surgery, you will be pleasantly surprised to find you end up saving much more and do not have to worry about large, one-time payments for the initial surgery or emergency “repairs”.

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