Natural Breast Enlargement Pills and Cream

When I started looking in to natural breast enlargement, one of the first things I noticed is the products are available in both pill and cream form.

This, of course, lead to the question, “Which is better for natural breast enlargement, pills or cream?”

Natural Breast Enlargement Pills

Do Breast Enlargement Pills Work? The short answer is YES. There are a lot of natural breast enlargement pills on the market, including Breast Actives and Bust Fuel. All of the pills I have reviewed have all natural ingredients and no known side effects.


Breast pills are a good call for a couple reasons. The dosage for most of the pills is two per day. It’s generally recommended that you take one in the morning and one in the evening. If you forget to take one though, you can take it at any time of day. This is a little more complicated if you are using a breast cream.

Another benefit of choosing pills is that you do not get all of the extra ingredients that come with a cream. Breast pills are concentrated ingredients, whereas breast cream has those same ingredients somewhat diluted by the substances that form the actual cream.

Natural Breast Enlargement Cream

I would guess the majority of natural breast enlargement products are creams. As with pills, all of the ones I have reviewed contain all natural ingredients regarded by the FDA as “generally considered safe.” None have know negative side effects.


Creams are popular for a number of reasons. They are applied directly to the breasts. This ensures the active ingredients are delivered exactly where they are supposed to be in the body.

Another upside to choosing natural breast enlargement cream is the fact that more of the active ingredients are absorbed in to your system. When you swallow a pill, on the other hand, not all of the active ingredients are absorbed in to your system before your digestive system flushes it out.

The Best Option for Natural Breast Enlargement

So, what should you do? To start with, the choice depends on your preferences. I have friends who detest swallowing pills, so they would choose a cream. I also have friends who have specific body lotions they like to use, and they would not want to use a different cream, so they would choose natural breast enhancement pills.

Individual preferences aside, I truly believe that the best answer is that you should use both. Bust Fuel and Breast Actives both offer a combination of natural breast enhancement pills and natural breast enhancement cream.

Of the two products, Breast Actives is my favorite because the ingredients in the pills and the cream are different. In most of the other products that offer both pills and cream, the ingredients in each are the same, so you are simply choosing one format or another. With Breast Actives, on the other hand, the ingredients are different and are made to complement each other. This is why Breast Actives does not sell its natural breast enlargement pills and creams separately. They sell them packaged together.

Best Breast Enhancement Pills and Cream Reviews

Check out my full Breast Actives natural breast enlargement pills reviews if you want to find out more.

Now, that’s not to say I don’t like Bust Fuel. It’s one of the first products I tried, and it is also very close to the top of my list. Although the ingredients in Bust Fuel pills and cream are the same, you will still get more “bang for your buck” by buying both and using them together.

You can find out more details about Bust Fuel Cream.

Overall, I wouldn’t say what is the best breast enlargement pills or cream out there…unless you have an aversion to pills or to cream, your best option for natural breast enlargement is to use a combination of pills and cream together.

Just for fun, check out the video how you can “instantly” increase the size of your breasts. I didn’t make this video, I found it on Youtube. This trick will make you look really good with your breasts on your Facebook profile!

Have fun!

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