Natural Breast Enlargement – The Time & Cost

natural breast enlargementThere is no denying natural breast enlargement is a much cheaper option than augmentation surgery. The tradeoff is you do not get instant results. Like any non-surgical change to your body, it takes time and patience.

Anyone who has tried to lose weight or attempted a new exercise program knows the human body does not change overnight.

So let’s set some realistic expectations…

How Much Does Natural Breast Enlargement Cost?

Some forms of natural breast enlargement can be very expensive and some not.

Of course, the least expensive path to natural breast enlargement is through exercise and diet. The exercises that strengthen the pectoral muscles will make the tissues under the breast stronger, thus lifting the breast. Exercises that work well are planks, push-ups, presses and flies.

Presses and flies can be done with hand-held weights or with heavy house-hold items like soup cans.

And if you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can get my free “Breast Enlargement Exercise” report in the sidebar to the right of this post. This will give you even more specific exercises.

Diet can also help with breast enlargement. Because most breast tissue is made of fat, it is a good idea to eat foods with healthy fats like avocado and olive oil. Lean proteins help keep muscles toned, so breasts are less likely to sag. Also, eating foods high in estrogen will help naturally increase breast size. Estrogen-high foods include soy, legumes and some spices.

Although diet and exercise are effective, you can increase breast size much faster using a natural breast enlargement product that contains higher doses of natural ingredients than you could get through diet alone.

The creams need to be applied regularly, generally twice per day. The creams usually cost between $50-$100, and many women claim their cup sizes increase from one half of a cup to two whole cup sizes.

Another option is natural breast enlargement pills. Often, they work in conjunction with creams. The pills contain special formulas that increase firmness and size. Women who have taken pills in conjunction with using creams have even noticed their breasts take on a more youthful shape.

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