Natural Breast Enlargement vs. Plastic Surgery

Many women in the world not only want to desperately improve their body shape, but also feel discontented with their breast size. This is why they search for natural breast enlargement methods.

Everyone remembers the silly scene from that kids movie in the 80s where the girls were pumping their breasts saying, “We must, we must, we must increase our bust”, and most people realize this is a pack of lies. You cannot increase your breast size by doing exercise like that!

On the other hand, women should rest assured there are several very effective ways to enhance the breasts. You can use natural breast enlargement techniques as well as resort to plastic surgery if none of these work for you.

Every woman’s body is different, and not all of the natural methods work for everyone. That is why other options exist.

Natural Breast Enlargement – Ways To Get There

There are natural breast enlargement cream products such as Triactol serum on the market. They contain a completely natural supplement extracted from the P. mirifica herb that grows only in Thailand and flowers only two months of the year.

The benefits of Triactol serum and many other products like it become apparent in as little as seven days for some women. Many women who try the product report perky, firm, youthful and grander breasts.

Some of the advantages of using Triactol, which is considered one of the best natural breast enlargement cream products on the market, are it does not contain any artificial hormones, it has no side effects and is not greasy or messy when applied. It is simply a clear liquid. Additionally, the product comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

The plant Triactol is made from naturally strengthens milk ducts, stimulates and expands fat tissues and also boosts estrogen levels in the body. This is the reason breasts can remain firm and elastic.

Other Natural Breast Enhancement Options

If the natural breast enlargement cream is not working for you, then you should try using pills or supplements. Be warned though, natural breast enlargement pills do not necessarily work for everyone. Compared to the cream, these are not targeted on the breasts specifically. They are instead absorbed by the body and may take longer to work on the area that is wanted for expansion.

Some good natural supplements are the ones that contain phytoestrogens (these are basically plant hormones which mimic estrogen). You can also find this compound in foods like soya, oats and lentils.

These can help along with exercises and other methods to increase the size of your breasts. If you eat more healthy fats such as nuts, seeds and olive oil, you can make your breasts look much healthier. In addition, food such as lean meat, fruit, fish and eggs will help increase the elasticity of your breasts.

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