Natural Breast Enlargement vs. Plastic Surgery

Exercises and push up bras

Another great way to bring about breast enlargement is to make use of a series of exercises. You can repeat these every day in front of a mirror. They will strengthen the muscles around your breasts and help make them perkier and more elastic. You should be able to see a change in as little time as a month.

The press — this exercise is done by placing your palms together in front of your breasts. You hold it for five seconds, repeat 10 times, take a one minute break, and do it again. Repeat the whole process three times.

The pull — this exercise is done by holding your forearms at shoulder level and pulling your arms wide without letting go. This will let you feel your breasts lift up naturally, using the muscles underneath them. You repeat this ten times as well. Take a one minute break, then repeat the whole process for a total of three times.

The curl — this exercise is done by curling you fingers up and locking them together at the height of your shoulder. Pull them apart without letting them go, and repeat ten times. Then take a break and repeat a total of three times. This is a bit like the pull, but exercises extra muscles as well.

Exercising your breasts like this can be done every day, but as with all exercise, it is best done every second day with a break in between.

Push-up bras are another invention you can use in your quest for natural breast enlargement. After extended use of these, combined with exercise and other methods, your breasts should be more comfortable in their new shape. You should get the appearance you want when you go out in public.

Working out

A lot of women think lifting weights is completely off limits for them. They somehow have a funny notion that doing squats and dead lifts are something reserved for men  who want to get “ripped”. This could not be further from the truth.

Women cannot grow muscles at the rate men do when they work out like this. In fact, according to some biologists, this is completely impossible for the simple reason the female body does not produce testosterone.

When you see female body builders that look unnatural and extremely bulky, it is because they are using steroids and hormone supplements while they are working out. It’s as simple as that.

Working out and doing the same exercises that men do at the gym, such as chin ups/pull ups, deadlifts, bench presses and squats, has an incredible effect on your figure and will help with natural breast enlargement.

If you use these kinds of natural breast enlargement methods, then you can avoid the dangers and risks of plastic surgery. While cosmetic surgery for breasts is becoming extremely popular, it is the easy way out if you think about it. These methods take time to realize, but in the end, they are undoubtedly more rewarding. There are no risks involved, and you achieve the same effects.

Natural Breast Enlargement

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