Natural Breast Enhancement Methods Most Women Use These Days

These days, natural breast enhancement methods are preferred over breast implant surgeries. Just as its name suggests, natural breast enlargement is done naturally. This means it is safer. Also, the processes involved are non-invasive, meaning there are no risks of any surgeries.

These methods do not have any side effects compared to other clinical methods. Some of the methods used to enlarge breasts naturally include the use of breast enhancement pills, breast enhancement lotions, breast pumps, breast massage, exercise and hypnosis.

Natural Breast Enhancement Pills

breast enlargement pillsFemales usually achieves puberty roughly at the age of 10 to 12. At this age, there will be an increase in the production of hormones that stimulate the growth of the breast cells such as progesterone, estrogen and prolactin.

The same concept is used for natural breast enhancement. Over the course of history, mankind has discovered some herbs are able to stimulate growth of the breast cells. The herbs contain plant estrogen, known as phytoestrogen. Phytoestrogen has the same functions as human estrogen which stimulates the growth of adipose – or breast – tissue.

Phytoestrogens are present in some natural herbs such as blessed thistle, pueraria mirifica, saw palmetto, fennel seeds, dandelion root, wild yam and Dong Quai, among others.

Natural Breast Enhancement Lotions, Creams and Sprays

Some enhancement lotions, creams and sprays contain natural ingredients. Natural ingredients assist in firming the ligaments and tissues found in the breasts. These creams may also work as moisturizing elements for the breasts. While lotions will supply the breasts with additional moisture, they are also able to make the breasts appear firmer.

Breast Pumps

Another famous method is the use of breast pumps. The concept can be used the same way lactating mothers use to rid excess milk from their breasts. However, the pumps are very different in structure and shape.

Breast pumps usually consist of two cups attached to a device that creates vacuum. The two cups are placed over the breast, and pressure is  generated by sucking the air out of the two cups, creating partial vacuum. This pressure enhances the circulation of blood in the breasts.

Moreover, breast pumps help flush out any toxic materials that may have settled in the breasts. This is very helpful, especially for lactating women.


Hypnosis is considered by scientists as one of the most conventional breast enhancement methods. This process is purely natural; the woman will not undergo any surgery or medication. Actually, hypnosis may be used to make someone believe in some things. So, going with the same logic, a woman can be hypnotized into believing the size of her breasts (which is the natural size) is good enough. This will lead to the woman becoming confident with herself. Consequently, this feeling can lead to positive stimulation of the right hormones, enhancing the growth of adipose tissues.

You can find many other augmentation and natural breast enhancement methods of breast used by women these days. The main reasons why most women prefer these methods include:

    • The methods are quite safe.
    • They seem to have no side effects.
    • There are no surgeries or medications involved.

Exercise and Massage

natural breast enhancementsAs we all know, exercises are always recommended to keep our bodies fit.

In fact, different exercises are set for different parts of the body such as the arms, the legs and the back. In the same way, you will find various exercises set specifically for breast enhancement.

Typically, these exercises are useful in making the pectoral muscles found below the breasts become much firmer. When the pectoral muscles are firm enough, the breast tissues follow suit and become stronger and more supple.

If you want to grow bigger breasts, do more chest expansion exercises. Sometimes, women use yoga along with the breast exercises to enhance their physical and mental strength.

Apart from exercises, a massage can also be very helpful when it comes to natural breasts enhancement. Breast massages are very easy since they do not require any special equipment. This type of massage involves setting patterns of different pressures to be applied to the breasts. Massages provide better blood circulation in your breasts while flushing out dangerous toxins.

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