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In this Bust Fuel review I will explain why this is definitely my number one choice for natural breast enhancement. I believe it combines the optimal ingredients maximum success in growing and toning your breasts.

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Bust Fuel Ingredients

Bust Fuel comes in two forms, a cream that you rub directly on your breasts, and an oral supplement.

The oral supplement contains all of the ingredients I outlined in the article about common ingredients. It contains a great balance of ingredients to stimulate breast tissue growth and balance any hormonal changes caused by it.

All of the ingredients are on the FDA “safe” list, and there are no known negative side effects.  In fact, there are some positive side effects you may not expect – women taking Bust Fuel reported the hormone balancing effect has led to a more regular menstrual cycle, reduction of PMS symptoms and improvement in overall mood and well-being.  That does not suck!

I’ll let you in on another little side effect that one of my friends shared with me – it totally increased her libido!  She really wasn’t expecting it, but all of a sudden she couldn’t get enough of her husband, and let me tell you…he was pretty happy with that.  Research showed this is a common side effect.

Bust Fuel ReviewsMy favorite Bust Fuel product is the cream. It contains an ingredient called Volufiline which is only in one other product I found.  Volufiline contours the cleavage area with a lipofilling-like action that is non-hormonal.  It is an important ingredient because it is one of the few ingredients found in breast enhancement products that is scientifically proven.  I’m not saying the other ingredients don’t work – they totally do.  The difference is that we know the other ingredients work because so many women who try the products have success.  Volufiline, on the other hand, has undergone clinical studies which have shown it can round up cleavage by up to 8.4 percent.  This is a significant increase.

Bust Fuel Cream also contains biobustyl, which is especially important for women in the same situation I’m in – sagging boobs.  Biobustyl is effective at toning and firming the skin, so the combination with Volufiline will provide a size increase as well as a breast lift.

If for any reason you can’t or are hesitant to take oral supplements, I would strongly recommend using the cream.  It is proven effective and does not make use of hormones at all.

I think the combination of supplements and cream is your best bet for increasing and toning your breasts.  The best part is, you avoid the cost and risks of plastic surgery, and end up with bigger breasts that look and feel real because they are!

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