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Bust Fuel Reviews from real women!

Price: $69.95 / Month

In this Bust Fuel review I will explain why this is definitely my number one choice for natural breast enhancement. I believe it combines the optimal ingredients maximum success in growing and toning your breasts.

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Bust Fuel Dosage

The recommended dose is 3 capsules per day until you reach your desired size, and then 1 per day for 90 days.  Most women notice an increase in size by the end of 8 weeks and after 4 – 6 months will switch to the 1 per day regimen. Bust Fuel creates permanent growth, but in order to maintain size and firmness, it is recommended you take it every 2 weeks 6 months after you have completed it.

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29 Comments/Reviews

  • Sorana says:

    I would recommend Bust fuel to all my friends (I already did). This product really does what it says. Believe me, it is really worth the money! Just try it for a month or two and then I assure you that you will be convinced to keep going with it!

  • Elliot says:

    I was very disappointed with the size of my breast. I would have done anything to increase its size. I used many creams and pills, because I would never do a plastic surgery. The only one which helped me was Bust Fuel. I saw the results after 5 weeks and then I was convinced to continue. Now, I have been using Bust fuel for 5 months and I am continuously seeing the results. My breast increased its size and I am extremely happy.

  • Nina12 says:

    Bust Fuel is the best product of this kind I have ever used. I saw the results within 5 weeks. It is amazing and I recommend it to every woman which has problems with her breast size.

  • Erin Goodman says:

    Well, I’ve never been “small” but my breasts have always been droopy and floppy. That is, until I tried Bust Fuel. Now they are firmer and more perky. I love it!

  • Evelyn Vogul says:

    I have never had the confidence to walk around naked until trying Bust Fuel. I can now even do strip shows for my husband!

  • Zara says:

    Bust fuel was a miracle in my life. I am not trying to exaggerate, but it really was. I sincerely recommend it.

  • Tara says:

    That idea with increasing the libido is true. I have never felt something like this. The size of my breast increased, my libido increased, I am happier and more confident. My husband sees me now as a goddess.

  • Tiffany Brook says:

    This bust fuel product actually works. I was always a small A cup and now I’m a B. I swear by it.

  • Haley M. says:

    Bust fuel is a great product. Not only does it make my breasts huge, but it increased my libido a lot. Love it :)

  • Terry McLeod says:

    Bust Fuel is great. I am so confident in how I look that I can walk around naked in front of my boyfriend. Love it!

  • Kiara Soloman says:

    I need this product to help me grow. I tried it after reading all the good reviews about it and I am truly impressed! I am back to buy more!

  • Sydney James says:

    Great, great product! My sex drive is also way higher now!

  • Daniel says:

    Hi Everyone. I am a 34 year old male. The question is What would happen if this product is taken for more than six months?

  • Brittany says:

    I have tried it yet. I’m going to order it this Friday on April 6, 2012 and I will be back to write my review about it!!!!

  • RWilliams says:

    Do you any of you workout? I would hate to buy this product and it doesn’t work because of me doing chest exercises.

  • BW says:

    Does anyone know if this product makes you gain weight?

    • Paige says:

      Hi BW! Bust Fuel contains ingredients that will help balance your hormones to prevent weight loss. Personally, I didn’t find that I gained any weight but it’s definitely a good idea to keep an eye on it for the first couple of weeks. Good luck!

  • Lilibeth says:

    Hi can i crush the pill ?

  • PRISCA says:


    • Paige says:

      Hi Prisca,

      The cream alone is not quite as effective as using a combination of pills and cream, but you should still get good results from using cream alone. You should see results within about 6 weeks and Bust Fuel has an excellent return policy. You have up to 100 days to return your product for a full refund. Good luck!

  • sally says:

    does this work if you want to just make your breast even?

    • Paige says:

      Hi Sally! That’s a great question! I think if you were to apply it to just one breast it would likely help to lift and enhance that breast more so than the other. It’s definitely worth a try. Make sure you check back in and let us know how it goes. Good luck!

  • Meg says:

    Thank you for this site! I am very grateful for the good advice you have and honest review of products, I didn’t have to try out tons of products. A SAFE and healthy solution was VERY important to me. I got Bust Fuel and noticed results within 4 weeks! I really liked the hormone ENHANCING rather than reducing; my hair is growing a little faster, my nails are stronger and my periods are more regular!!! I’m getting more Bust Fuel for ALL the great benefits! Thank you so much!!!

  • Liz says:

    Do you think I could use this and Breast Actives at the same time? Would there be any adverse effects from doing this? I’d hate to turn into a dragon or something, but if I could double the results…that would be perfect!

  • Carmella says:

    My breast got a stunning look after a month, can’t wait to see more results! A+++ product!

  • Ava says:

    I’m totally satisfied with the result as within 3 months you can see the result. My assets a bit bigger and perkier (not droopy although it’s big). Bust fuel is all about enhancing your hormones so it’s not just my breasts but the hair is a lot more healthier. I’m continuing using Bust fuel to see the significant improvement.

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