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Perfect Woman


Price: $69.95 / Month

Perfect Woman comes in cream form only, making it a great option for women who aren’t comfortable taking supplements.

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Perfect Woman Ingredients

The science behind Perfect Woman cream is that the ingredients enter the body through the skin instead of the digestive system.  This means the ingredients go exactly where they’re needed (your breasts) for maximum effectiveness.

Perfect Woman contains the following active ingredients:

    • Saw Palmetto Extract
    • Dong Quai Extract
    • Dandelion Extract
    • Blessed Thistle Extract
    • Kava Kava Extract
    • Pueraria Mirifica
    • Wild Yam Extract
    • Mother’s Wart Extract
    • Fenugreek Extract
    • Black Cohosh Extract
    • Fennel Extract
    • Cumin Extract

The majority of these ingredients are listed on the “Most Common Ingredients” page, but I’ll summarize the ones that aren’t.

Dandelion extract is included because it moisturizes and improves skin texture.

Kava kava is a plant found in the South Pacific.  It has properties that are known to improve your overall sense of well-being.

Pueraria mirifica is a plant found in Thailand that has generated much interest throughout the medical community.  It contains phytoestrogens, as do several of the other ingredients in breast enhancement products, but this one is thought to act at estrogen receptor sites which makes it somewhat unique.

Cumin extract is considered an antidote to weakness and fatigue (sign me up!) and also aids with the absorption of nutrients to the system.

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10 Comments/Reviews

  • Grecie says:

    I was very superstitious at the begging. Sincerely, I didn’t believe that this could be possible just with some pills and a cream. But I was so desperate and I thought I should give them a try. It was worth!

  • Xania says:

    This cream was made for me because I don’t feel at all comfortable taking pills. Hearing about this Perfect woman cream I thought I should try it. At first I didn’t believe this cream would work. However the results were positive. My breast size really increased and with no effort and no supplements.

  • Valerie says:

    This cream has many positive effects. After using it my skin texture improved and I felt happier. But the most spectacular effect was, of course, the increase of my breast size.

  • Ilona says:

    I’m pretty satisfied with the results of this cream. I think it is OK spending money on it. It really grows the size of the breast and it also improves skin texture.

  • Paraschiva says:

    The Perfect woman cream has a perfect price, gives perfect results and makes you a perfect woman. You must definitely try it. You don’t have anything to lose.

  • Rebecca Lindquist says:

    I am definitely satisfied with my results of Perfect Woman and I feel like a perfect woman now! Love it!

  • Krystal Daniels says:

    I am very impressed with Perfect Woman. It’s an awesome product and I have gained such huge breasts from this.

  • Terry McLeod says:

    Perfect Woman is GREAT! It works, but unfortunately I can’t afford it. If you can invest in this, you will love the effects.

  • Gina says:

    Perfect woman is the ONLY ONE for me. My skin feels better and i can see the results when i look my breasts in the mirror. Will buy again for sure.

  • Ariana says:

    Definitely worth your money. I’m very satisfied with the outcome: just around two weeks for a noticeable results and my spouse love it too! Makes me feel like a perfect woman, just like the name.

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