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Price: $300 / 6 Months

Tobustan is a breast enhancement supplement containing a lot of the same ingredients found in the products in the Top 5 List but has fewer ingredients than Bust Fuel, and the active ingredients are in smaller amounts than in Breast Actives.

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Tobustan is a breast enhancement pill and breast enlargement cream containing a number of the same ingredients found in the products in the Top 5 List. However, it has fewer ingredients than Bust Fuel (#1), and the active ingredients are in smaller amounts than in Breast Actives (#2).

Tobustan Review

Consumer Rating: 4/10 Cost: $300 for 6 months
Results: Marginal Ingredients: Mostly Natural
Product Type: Pills & Cream Known Side Effects: None
Noticeable Results: Not Established Customer Service: Poor
Full Results: Not Established Guarantee: Unopened packages only

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Tobustan Breast Enhancement Review

This breast enlargement company sells a cream as well, but it does not contain any ingredients that will help to enlarge and firm the breasts.  The only effect they claim the cream will have is to tighten the skin and lift them slightly.

There are, of course, some positive testimonials on the Tobustan website, but I couldn’t find much positive feedback anywhere else. This definitely made me question the effectiveness of this product in increasing breast size.

The order process really didn’t do anything to help with my opinion of this product.  A 6 month supply is $300, making it on the expensive side.  I was not impressed that there was a shipping charge (although small) on top of that.  All of the products on the Top 5 list offer free shipping when you purchase more than a month at a time.

Tobustan does offer a 1 year guarantee, which is generous.  Unfortunately, the guarantee is only for unopened packages. If you buy six months worth and realize after four months that it is not working, you’ll only be refunded for the two months worth that you did not use.  I don’t believe this is a satisfactory guarantee ,and this is one of the reasons this product does not make my Top 5 list.

Overall, Tobustan has some of the ingredients I would expect to see in an herbal breast enhancement supplement, but not enough of them for me to recommend it to someone looking to increase their breast size.

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