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Zoft Gum

Natural Breast Enhancement Gum

Price: $59.95 / Month

When I first saw the Zoft Breast Gum I thought it seemed a bit silly. I mean really…gum? It felt like a gimmick… but I was pleasantly surprised..

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When I first saw the Zoft Gum, I was a little skeptical.  I mean really… ” breast enhancement gum”? It felt like a gimmick, but I was pleasantly surprised.

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Zoft Breast Gum Review

Consumer Rating: 8/10 Cost: $59.95
Results: Very Good Ingredients: Mostly Natural
Product Type: Mint Gum Known Side Effects: None
Noticeable Results: 3-4 Weeks Customer Service: Excellent
Full Results: 4-6 Months Guarantee: 100 Days 

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Zoft Gum Review

At first a “breast enhancement gum” seems a little gimmicky. Upon further inspection though, it actually does make sense.

For starters, I don’t think I’m alone in being absolutely terrible about taking vitamins and supplements on a daily basis. It’s been years since I was on birth control pills, so I’m just out of the habit of taking something every day. Gum, on the other hand, I always have in my purse and usually eat at least a couple of pieces a day.

The other advantage the people at Zoft claim the gum has is the slow release of the ingredients into your body throughout the day. When you take a pill, it goes through your digestive system, and often not all of it is absorbed into your body.

The gum, on the other hand, has the advantage of being absorbed both through the digestive system and through the tissue lining your mouth where capillaries are close to the surface and provide direct access to the blood stream.

This provides an absorption rate of over 90%.  As well, chewing the gum throughout the day constantly bombards your system with the benefits of the ingredients.

My favorite benefit is this.  I know I can’t be the only woman out there who is terrible at remembering to take medications.  I do, though, chew gum throughout the day and always have some on hand.  So, the breast gum is a great choice if you’re like me.

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