Zoft Gum Review


Zoft Gum

Natural Breast Enhancement Gum

Price: $59.95 / Month

When I first saw the Zoft Breast Gum I thought it seemed a bit silly. I mean really…gum? It felt like a gimmick… but I was pleasantly surprised..

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Zoft Gum Ingredients

The ingredients in Zoft Gum are all of the ingredients listed on the “Most Common Ingredients” page which means it has a great blend of hormone enhancing and balancing ingredients for maximum effectiveness.  It would be a good complement to the Breast Actives or the Bust Fuel Creams and as a substitute for the supplements.

Zoft Gum Instructions

When using Zoft Gum, women reported seeing progress within 4 weeks, while most see maximum effect after 4 or 5 months.

Zoft Gum provides permanent results, although it’s recommended you continue to chew a few packs over a 1 or 2 week interval every 6 months or so to maintain fullness and firmness.

Additional positive benefits included less bloating and crankiness associated with PMS, and an improvement in overall mood.

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