Running With Breast Implants

running with breast implantsOne of the questions I am asked quite often is how running with breast implants affects a woman’s ability to run or jog. Runners need to know if running with breast implants is okay. As a runner myself, it was one of the things I was worried about as I was researching the possibility of getting breast implants.

To be honest, what I discovered made me nervous. Running with breast implants is a bad idea for a number of reasons.

Running with Breast Implants Can Cause Problems!

To start with, running with breast implants creates impact that puts strain on the breasts, which can pull the skin around them and cause them to sag. When you combine this with the extra weight of implants, you can see where this can be bad for your body.

You may also find the implants interfere with the natural swinging motion of your arms as you run. Many women find this to be very annoying, and it can even cause chafing and irritation.

Running with breast implants can cause pain in your back, neck and shoulders. You are carrying extra weight that your body is not necessarily built for, and this can cause strain that results in chronic pain.

I have always loved running and it is not something I was willing to give up for the sake of implants. Overall, it is pretty clear that running with breast implants is a bad plan, and it was one of the reasons I chose not to have the surgery done.

It turns out, running with breast implants is a no-no!

This was part of the reason I started investigating natural breast enlargement. My research showed me that running after natural breast enlargement was not an issue at all and here is a better alternative…

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