Triactol Bust Serum Is Not My Favorite…

Triactol while breast feeding or pregnant is not to be used.

I found that interesting because the other top breast enhancement products on my review list don’t mention anything about the product NOT being safe while breast feeding or pregnant.

That said, my personal belief is you should not be doing anything that could mess with your hormone levels while you are pregnant or breast feeding just to be on the safe side. But it made me wonder, what is in Triactol that could be dangerous? Hmmmm.

And finally, here is another reason why Bust Fuel or Breast Actives is a better choice if you live in the United States…

The company that makes Triactol will no longer ship their product to the USA.

Now, that alone raises a red flag for me.

I mean, why wouldn’t a perfectly safe natural breast enhancement product be allowed into the USA if it really was ‘perfectly safe’. Now, I will admit I am drawing my own ‘breast enhancement conclusions’, but it does make me wonder about the quality and safety of Triactol.

If you have used Triactol Bust Serum, I would love to hear from you. Go ahead and post your Triactol review in the comments section below.

And as always, if you are still looking for the best natural breast enhancement product, make sure you check out my review page! I work darn hard trying to make sure my reviews are complete, honest and accurate so you don’t have to worry about the details 🙂

Happy Breast Enhancement!

Paige Baxter-Shepherd


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