Types Of Breast Implant Surgery Incision

By type of surgery, I mean incision placement for breast implants.  There are four incision locations in total, and each has its pros and cons.

Inframammary (Breast) Incision

The inframammary incision is the most common one used in implant surgery.  The incision is placed along the bottom of the breast just above where the skin folds over.

This means that unless your boobs stand straight up (and I think if you’re getting implants after breastfeeding they probably won’t!), the scar will only be visible when you’re lying down.


    • This incision site is easiest for the surgeon to work with to place the implants.  This is especially important if you have crooked or uneven boobs that you want corrected.
    • If follow-up surgery is necessary, the incision can be made on the original site so no additional scarring is necessary.


    • If you choose to change your implants at a later date, whether you want them larger, smaller or removed altogether, the scar will move to a place that will be more visible.
    • If your breasts are very small, there may not be a natural crease for the surgeon to place the incision.

Areolar Incision

An areolar incision is made at the edge of the areola of the nipple, where the darker skin ends.


    • Heals almost invisibly as the scar blends with the areola.
    • Makes placement of the implant easier for the doctor as access is in center of breast.


    • This type of incision is only possible with saline implants since the small size of the incision means that only an empty implant can be inserted.
    • If there is a problem with the healing of the incision, it will be highly visible because it is in the middle of the breast.
    • Loss of sensation is a slightly higher risk with this type of incision.
    • If the implant is to be placed under the muscle, there is that much more tissue to separate to get it there, which leads to a more painful recovery process.
    • Slightly increased chance of infection because the breast ducts are exposed during surgery.

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