Types Of Breast Implant Surgery Incision

Navel Incision

The navel incision is also referred to as TUBA, which stands for trans-umbilical breast augmentation.  It involves a small incision in the navel and the insertion of an endoscope which is tunneled to the breast to form a pocket and insert the implant, which is then filled.

This is another type of incision that can only be used with saline implants.


    • No scars on your boobs!
    • Only one incision is required for both breasts.
    • The resulting scar is almost invisible.  I can attest to that – I had a tubal ligation (tubes tied) a few years ago which involved a small incision in my navel, and I can’t see it even when I look for it.
    • With this type of incision, there is less chance of nerve damage to the nipples, since there is no incision on the breast.
    • There is less chance of this type of incision affecting the ability to breastfeed.


    • Because of the distance between the incision and the implants, it can be difficult to ensure perfect symmetry (and crooked boobs are a bad thing!)
    • Rarely, permanent marks can be left on the abdomen by the endoscope.
    • It may be difficult to find a surgeon with experience in this method as it is fairly new.  I know I wouldn’t want to be a surgeon’s first crack at this.
Transaxillary (Underarm) Incision

This incision is made in your armpit, and then a path is made to the breast through which the implant is inserted.  As with the areolar and navel incisions, this method can only be used with saline implants due to the small size of the incision.


    • No scars on your boobs!
    • Because the scars are under your arms, they are pretty much hidden even if the scar ends up ugly.
    • Because there is no scarring on the breast, this type of incision is thought to have a lower risk of affecting nipple sensitivity and of interfering with breastfeeding.


    • As with the navel incision, the distance between the incision and the implants can make it difficult for the surgeon to achieve perfect symmetry.

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