Breast Enhancement and Enlargement Options

Breast Enhancement

The terms breast enhancement or breast enlargement are used almost interchangeably. To some, either term simply means increasing breast size. While this is indeed the objective of some women, the majority probably think more in terms of breast enhancement. This is to say the firming and shaping of the breasts which makes them more attractive, though not necessarily larger.

Many advertisements focus primarily on breast size as if that were the only objective of any importance. The methods and techniques discussed here can in reality be applied to either breast enlargement. It’s probably worth noting if enhancement is the goal, success is probably more likely, unless one goes the route of having breast implants.

We’ll look at the pros and cons of breast implants and the use of breast enhancement creams and pills, as well as breast massage, exercise and diet. Each of these has some background theory that would seem to guarantee a measure of success, but most have at least one shortcoming or risk, and some approaches don’t really work at all.

Breast Implants

Breast implants have been popular for just over half a century, with most women opting for silicon gel implants as their breast enhancement option. Others have chosen saline implants. These implants consist of salt water contained in a silicon shell. A breast implant cannot really be considered a natural breast enlargement approach, but even if not natural, cannot be ignored. Upwards of 10 million women have undergone implant procedures over the past 50 years. In the United States, around 300,000 women have implants every year.

Breast implants are generally considered low risk, but in truth, the long-term risks, if any, are not fully known. It is known, from a statistical perspective, that women who have breast implants seem to have a higher incidence of some diseases, including autoimmune diseases. In most instances, the symptoms have been reduced or have gone away when the implants are removed. Implants are expensive, or at least the surgery is, and a breast implant has an average life span of only about 10 years before a replacement is required.

Implants can also leak. Leakage from a saline implant is not a problem as the body readily absorbs the harmless saline solution. Leakage of silicon can lead to some risks. Still, breast implants continue to be popular, particularly where breast enlargement is the goal.

Diet, Exercise and Massage

If natural breast enhancement is the goal, the use of diet, massage and exercise are about as natural as one can get. Employing any or all of these approaches is going to take time and patience, and success is not guaranteed. None of these three approaches will provide natural breast enlargement, however.

An exception could be diet, but that would apply only if a person is quite underweight and by eating more would increase breast size along with a corresponding increase in body size. The problem with diet as a breast enhancement approach is, while the focus is on eating foods that stimulate hormone production, the entire body is involved, and not just the breasts.

Daily massage can have an effect, and exercise can also, to a degree. The breast itself has no muscles, but it can benefit from exercise when the pectoral muscles surrounding the breasts are firmed up. Both breast exercise and massage can help firm up the breasts, but will not do much more, although claims are often made that massaging the breasts can indeed cause them to become somewhat larger.

Exercise is normally good for us, but in this case, it could be harmful if overdone or performed incorrectly. It should be noted that breast enhancement through the use of massage or exercise is usually only temporary, meaning once you’ve reached your goal you can’t just stop, but have to keep at it.

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