Breast Enlargement Cream, Will it Give the Desired Results?

breast enlargement creamWhen selecting a breast enlargement cream, one has a wide variety of products to choose from. Some retailers and manufacturers claim a given breast enhancement or breast enlargement product will work almost instantly (this is often illustrated in the accompanying advertisements or promotions).

Most will tell you that some patience will be required on your part before you start to see meaningful results. As a rule of thumb, it might be suggested the effectiveness of a given product is inversely proportional to the shrillness of its promotion.

How Does Breast Enlargement Cream Work?

An obvious, and fair, question is, “How can a breast cream make my breasts grow larger?”

On the surface, it doesn’t make much sense. Putting a cream on your biceps isn’t going to make those muscles larger.

But before you relegate breast cream to the snake oil category, it should be noted there is a theory behind these products that makes a great deal of sense.

There are also testimonials from those who claim a particular breast enlargement cream has worked for them.

The theory is this: The ingredients of the cream are absorbed through the skin – the medical term is trans-dermal absorption. These ingredients either successfully imitate the female estrogen hormone or stimulate estrogen hormone receptors in the breast.

The female sex hormone estrogen is in large part responsible for defining the curves in the female body, including the size and shape the breasts.

More estrogen, larger breasts. At least that’s the theory, and it makes some sense. Besides, breasts are not made of muscle, they are made of fatty tissue, so enlargement cream may work.

A Note Of Caution

Before going further, there is a cautionary note to be taken into account. Any substance or compound that leads to cell growth and reproduction will at the same time stimulate existing cancer cells. For this reason, the use of breast enhancement cream is not recommended for women who are at a higher risk of breast cancer.

These breast enlargement creams do not cause cancer, but they can stimulate existing cancer cells.

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